Unicode font for Runes

RuneScribe has the fonts already included, but if you want to use Runic fonts on your own device, than you need you need support for the Unicode range 16A0-16FF (part of Unicode 3.0). Two fonts wich support this range are the Hnias Rune Font set created by Lars Törnqvist and the Noto Sans Runic font created by Google.

Hnias Runic Font
Copyright © 2003 Lars Törnqvist
This font is free for personal use. The latest font version can be downloaded at

Download the Hnias font here.

After you have installed the font please refresh the main windows so the silly boxes will turn into runes. (In internet explorer, press F5.)

Also available for download: a keyboard mapping for Windows 2000 / XP

Installing fonts

Windows 7 / XP font installation

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4 and Windows 2000

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Hnias font, Copyright © 2003 Lars Törnqvist
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